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Looking to transfer money online for Studies? Or want to transfer money to a loved one living abroad? Don’t have the time for physical visits to a bank to do a transfer money abroad? Now you can do a fast money transfer online, at really low money transfer rates. What’s more, you get to do this at ZERO electronic money transfer sending charges! Effortlessly transfer 26 currencies to 200+ countries worldwide within 24-48 hours through BuyForexOnline’s quick and easy money transfer service.

Low Wire Transfer Rates

  • For instance, the money transfer cost for $10,000 is ₹6,500 through Buyforexonline
  • Whereas through Traditional banks & other vendors, the money transfer cost for $10,000 is ₹12,000 - 40,000

Zero Sending Fee

  • Through BuyForexOnline there are Zero charges to send money abroad
  • Traditional banks & other vendors charge up to ₹1,500/- per wire transfer

Documentation is Super Simple

  • Be it for studies, Maintenance, Emigration or Medical, documentation for money transfer is simple & easy
  • A large portion of documentation can be completed online

Wide reach, wide variety of currencies

  • Send 26 currencies to over 200+ Countries worldwide

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

  • We are open 24/7 for your questions and support.
  • Contact 1800-3010-9686 or write into

Transparent Beneficiary Charges

  • We assure you of transparent BEN charges to Banks across the globe.

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Note: Rates for remittance will be different (from rates displayed on home page), our service executive will confirm rates when they contact you. Rates can be held only if complete payment reaches our partner's account before 2.00 PM on a given day, our service executive will help you with more info.

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