Prepaid Forex Travel Card Details -

Card Instructions

Basic User Guidelines for Prepaid Forex Travel card

Please sign on reverse of your cards at the signature panel immediately after receiving the card.

- Pre-Authorization transactions: Do not use your card to provide a pre-auth at car rentals or hotel, always make the payment of           required amount and do not block funds for security deposits.

- Make payment upfront, rather than blocking the amount and settle the bill at the time of checking-out. If your card is used for             blocking the amount or for security deposits, it will get released only after your return to India or 30-45 days after the transaction.

- Forex Prepaid Travel cards will work only on an “online POS”. In case you find that your card is not working at a specific hotel          terminal, please ask the hotel staff about their main online machine. Each hotel has a main EDC terminal, to which other branch        terminals are connected (eg: one to the restaurant, one to the saloon, bar & so on). The main terminal is located at the reception or in  the administrative office.

- IMP: Please select the 'CREDIT'/'CHECKING' option while billing at the EDC terminal or withdrawing from an ATM. If the machine is    set to the 'DEBIT'/'SAVINGS' option, the card will not work (even though it is a debit card). Ensure that in ATM’s you always select      account type as 'CREDIT'/'CHECKING'.

 *Please do not forget to refer to your prepaid card kit for more detailed instructions on card usage.