Australian Dollar : 52.06 Canadian Dollar : 55.81 Euro : 84.57 Japanese Yen : 0.01 Pound Sterling : 94.86 Saudi Riyal : 20.23 Singapore Dollar : 54.05 Swiss Franc : 78.54 UAE Dirham : 20.65 US Dollar : 75.48
Australian Dollar : 52.06 Canadian Dollar : 55.81 Euro : 84.57 Japanese Yen : 0.01 Pound Sterling : 94.86 Saudi Riyal : 20.11 Singapore Dollar : 54.05 Swiss Franc : 78.54 UAE Dirham : 20.65 US Dollar : 75.48
Pound Sterling : 98.09 Euro : 87.45 Swiss Franc : 80.97 US Dollar : 78.04 Canadian Dollar : 57.65 Singapore Dollar : 55.83 Australian Dollar : 53.78 UAE Dirham : 20.89 Saudi Riyal : 0 Japanese Yen : 0.01


  • Transact 24/7: Order your Foreign Exchange online, anytime round-the-clock.
  • Lowest Rates: By ordering your Forex online, you opt in to the lowest and best rates. Take our word for it!
  • Flexible Payment Options: Pay for your Foreign Exchange by Cheque or any of our convenient online modes – Net Banking, Debit Card.
  • Reload-on-the-go: In case you exhaust your foreign exchange, simply log in and reload your Forex card, with the desired amount of Forex from anywhere, anytime.
  • Smart Cash: Choose to carry your foreign exchange as a forex card and just the right amount of cash on you as currency. Say goodbye to bulky banknotes, or cumbersome traveller’s cheques, as a Forex card is the most recent and successful evolution in carrying foreign exchange for your travels.
  • 8 Currencies. At lowest rates: Take your pick! Take your foreign exchange in the form of a Forex card which can instantly be loaded with a currency of your choice. You can also order cash currencies along with your forex card.
  • Multi-currency convenience: Eliminate the need to carry various currencies and do away with the chances of encountering fake or outdated currencies by adopting a Forex Card. You can also withdraw cash in the local currency of the country you are in.
  • Easy Loading & Encashment: Using our simple interface, easily load your Forex Card in India with foreign currency by paying in rupees, and use it to transact in any currency all over while travelling the world. On returning to India, you can encash the amount remaining on your card as easily.
  • Huge Savings: Get up front savings on attractive exchange rates and the flexibility to buy on your preferred day/time while zeroing down on the best available rates. There are no extra conversion fees, surcharges, or convenience fees, as applicable in case of conventional credit/debit cards, giving you further savings.
  • Regular Reports: Get monthly statements and online access to track your spending and transactions.
  • Easy Encashment: Using our simple interface, you can choose to easily encash your foreign exchange on return from your travels.
  • Cash & Debit Rolled Into One: A Forex card has two great functionalities rolled into one simple, yet powerful medium. Use it to withdraw cash, as a debit card at any point-of-sale (POS) and as a high security portal to make online purchases.
  • Eliminate Risk: Using your credit or debit card while abroad can expose your bank account to fraud. Since a Pre-paid forex card comes loaded with a fixed amount, and is not linked to either your credit or bank account, it completely eliminates this risk.
  • Globally Accepted: A Forex Card can be used to shop at over 30 million merchant establishments accepting Mastercard. This has no extra charges and can be used even for small expenses such as buying coffee.
  • No Transaction Fee: A Forex card offers no transaction fee at POS, versus high Credit card and Debit card transaction rates which can go up to 11%!
  • Secure Online Transactions: Forex cards can also be used to make transactions online through high security channels. For each transaction, the customer needs to use a personal login and activate online card usage for a short online window, to ensure a high security transaction.
  • 1-Step Blocking: Simply call up our 24-hour customer care centre and block/hot list your card in case of loss or theft. Instructions for activation of replacement card will be provided on the same call.
  • Pin-Protected: All cash transactions on forex cards are protected by a personal 4 digit ATM-PIN.
  • Clone Proof: Major currencies forex card made available through our website are chip based cards and cannot be copied or cloned, as in the case of more commonly used information-based magnetic strip cards.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Since we are entirely online and transparent, we ensure that you do not exceed permitted Forex limits and thereby comply with all regulations.

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